Appellate Court Experience

Florida Certified Mediator

Business Litigation in Florida


Donna Greenspan Solomon is a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator and FINRA-approved Arbitrator.

Donna stands out from other Florida arbitrators in two important respects. First, Donna is board certified as both an Appellate Specialist and a Business Litigator. While just six percent of eligible Florida Bar members have earned board certification in one or more specialty areas, Donna is one of only two attorneys certified in both appellate practice and business litigation. Second, Donna is a former Certified Public Accountant with an MBA in Finance.

As an experienced commercial litigator, Donna understands the importance of using an arbitrator who understands your substantive area of the law. Donna has a depth of experience in business-related litigation, including insurance coverage, factoring, real estate, employment law, and other contract disputes.

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